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moy 3 axis brushless mirrorless camera gimbal w motors

Better six-axis gyroscope / accelerator sensor; Optimize layout signal input / output interface more reasonable; Special I2C level to IC; With I2C (5V Level) interface could connect I2C-GPS navigation board / OLED monitor etc.; With FTDI protection avoiding conflict between external power supply and USB power supply; Small size could mount on mini aircraft 31mm install pitch; Hardware Features: MPU6050 digital three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerator; Chip: ATMega328P; BMP085 digital barometric sensor; HMC5883L three-axis magneto resistive sensor; Segregate dual channel power regulator 3.3V / 5V Max. current 150mA / 500mA; Dual channel power indicator LED 3.3V red / 5V green; High brightness status indicator LED; Special I2C level to IC; FTDI interface with diode protection and 500mA current limit fuse; Size: 5 x 5cm; Camera frame features: Simple structure and light weight CNC aluminum alloy structure; Brushless motor direct drive; With 2 Motors and anti-vibration rubber balls easy to adjust; Compatible with Gopro 321; Size: 13 x 13 x 24cm

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