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na its seoul

THE ROUGH GUIDE TO SEOUL is the ultimate travel companion to the Korean capital, one of Asia's most intriguing and energetic cities. Comprehensive sections detail the very best places to eat, drink, shop, and unwind, providing information on everything from the luxurious cafes, restaurants, and clothing boutiques of Apgujeong to Hongdae's snack stands, barbeque halls, and hole-in-the wall bars. The guide depicts Seoul's culinary scene and dynastic history with glorious color images and highly detailed maps, enabling readers to get a grip on Seoul's modern art, live music, and bustling cultural scene. The guide also will help you to see a side of Seoul you never thought possible, by providing you with knowledge of its royal fortresses, secluded temples, enchanting islands, and the world's most visited national park. This guide contains all the information a traveler could possibly need to reach all these destinations, and more. Make the most of your time in Seoul with THE ROUGH GUIDE TO SEOUL.

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